Dear Nature Ravers –

Nature Loves Courage returns to the translucent turquoise shores of Sougia Bay this June for its 5 year anniversary. Nestled in the hills of the tiny village of Sougia, a secluded Cretan anchorage with a nudist beach and a free spirited hippie legacy since the 60s, the festival has become a yearly haven for a diverse group of artists, music lovers and curious vacationers.

NLC creates a space for collective manifestation, esoteric self-exploration and profound togetherness in the spirit of freedom of being and inclusivity. It is a journey into psychedelia where the arresting beauty of the landscape sets off cathartic auditory escapades. NLC was described by many of its artists and attendees, sometimes through tears of joy, as a once in a lifetime experience.

NLC 2024 celebrates 5 years of ecstatic music bonding with a group of sonic shamans from all corners of the world. The line up includes Jamaican born New york based sonic disruptor Shyboi, raging Greek-Australian legend Jensen Interceptor, Colombian-born New York nightlife fixture Sausha, Spanish born dance music genre bender JASSS, Chinese pop slash rave futurist Rui Ho, Cretan bloomer Raed Raees and London-born psy+trance summoner DJ Skin. For another year the audience will immerse itself into the spellbinding music selections of its Resident DJs Juliana Huxtable, Kilbourne and Abyss X.

More TBA

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L  I  V  E  Y  O  U  R  T  R  U  T  H