Raed Raees is a Cretan-born producer and vocalist that blends disparate genres and soundscapes into striking vocal pop releases. Catchy, righteous hooks, frenetic thrash and electronic beats, all bound together by Raed’s ethereal and often introspective lyricism. It’s this striking sonic self-portrait that has led the Berlin-Athens-based artist to collaborate with rising internet pop culture multi-hyphenates like BABYNYMPH and contribute a track to Lederrick’s NYC-based label’s “Aken Aten Vol.1” compilation. Raed’s DJ mixes bring listeners into the world of sound underneath her discography, combining a wide span of tracks into playthroughs with exciting and unexpected narratives. Without question, Raed Raees is championing a pop vanguard that’s deliberately experimental, unrelenting, yet brimming with irresistible possibilities.