MOESHA 13 is the Marseille multi-hyphenate artist whose sound merges hard rap with feminist aplomb and a decolonialist ethos. MOESHA 13, who is already an underground, international club scene icon sings, mixes, produces and moves between empowering spitfire rap lyrics perreo and modern dancefloor aesthetics, working it all into a highly personal, incandescent hybrid. With a focus on creating experimental music-scapes, her work is marked by activism and performance, MOESHA 13 is shaun’s feminine conduit they use as their stage persona. She has graced the stage of acclaimed forward-thinking festivals like Nyege Nyege, Berghain and CTM and been featured on NTS radio where he is a resident, MOESHA 13 is one of the artists (unanimously) selected by the European platform SHAPE.