Originally from Paris, Egregore grew up learning classical music. He spent the last ten years in Amsterdam during his audiovisual studies, then in Berlin, where he co-founded Terenor Records and curated a series of events called Radiations. His music was shaped by both cities’ influences, where he researched the effect of dance music on collective trance. At the crossroads of Techno, Psy, Tribe and Trance, Egregore’s dj sets are full of twists and turns. Between chaos and harmony, the collective dream is lucid and the drumming heavy. His other projects include a duo of the ritual-live set project Tigre Contre Tigre, his new partnership duo of The Shadow & The Self, and as a trio he is also part of the performative improvisation electronic project Épiphanie. This year he is set to release his new EP “All Paradoxes May Be Reconciled” on Madrid based label Aurora, as well as single releases on various labels.

Egregore’s closing set, recorded live at Nature Loves Courage Festival 2022.