In the late 1980s as techno and house made its way through Europe, mutating as it hopped from city to city, one young DJ from Curacao made a mistake that would inspire a brand new sound. While he was performing at Dee haag’s Club Voltage, DJ Moortje accidentally dropped a dancehall track at 45RPM rather than 33, and let it play out. Thirsty for a hi-nrg sound, the crowd loved the squeaky vocals and rapid beat, and bubbling (or bubbling house) was born.

De Shuurman’s latest release “Bubbling Inside” is a legendary compilation tape of some of the most essential cuts that shaped the landscape of dutch house music. Released through Nyege Nyege, it spotlights the Dutch bubbling permutations of Den Haag’s De Schuurman – a crucial node of the Black Atlantic diaspora – with 13 hard-to-find, hyper dancehall techno zingers from the late ‘00s up to 2019.